My name is Dianna and I have decided to fundraise for MexPup by making some fun pet products! 50% of all sales will go directly to MexPup and the other 50% will go back into buying more materials to create more fun things! I am not taking any profit or billing for my time. This is the least I can do for all those dogs out there that need rescuing!

A little about me...

I met the wonderful people at MexPup after having recently lost my best fur friend, Jack. As we all know losing a treasured fur friend is devastating. Once I was ready to welcome another friend into my life, I contacted MexPup. I spoke to Susan and what a wonderful lady! She spent tons of time talking to me about where I was at and what I was looking for. I cant express how thankful I am for that time that Susan spent with me.

We found a match...enter Lucy! The most sweet, silly, ridiculous little dog I have ever met! She brightens my day every day and I am so grateful to MexPup for bringing her into my life.

I started watching the MexPup Facebook page and their website and was truly amazed at how much work goes into the rescue of these little loves! I love MexPup and everything they do, so I decided it was time to help :)

Email me for any questions of it you are interested in a purchase!