All pet pillows range in size, shape and pattern. To keep costs and time down, I am using recycled pillowcases. All pillows are 75% stuffed so they are comfy to lay on. The stuffing used is brand new 100% polyester stuffing. The embellishments are small part free and glued on with non toxic fabric glue. Some have been hand stitched but I quickly moved over to the glue.

Some pillows are big enough to be dog beds for little dogs (Chi, Yorkie, Maltese, Pekes) or cat beds, but otherwise, they are the perfect size for a pet pillow. My Lucy drags hers all over the house!

$10 per pillow

Shipping: Unfortunately only Pick Up at this time. I am in Victoria close to downtown. You must see these in person! as the pictures really do not do these justice!